Camazotz Bundle
Grim Grease Pomade

Camazotz Bundle

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Camazotz Bundle!
Our new Fiber Cream bundled with matching parfum and body wash.

Made with our new Murcielago fragrance it casts an ominous scent memory infusing the intrigue of bats and the fearful legend of Camazotz, the Mayan 'Death Bat'. It begins with a disturbing, damp earthiness that mirrors the darkness of caves that bats and Camazotz inhabit. Evolving at its heart are notes of tropical fruits and green foliage, serving as a poignant reminder of nocturnal feasts held under the watchful gaze of the spectral deity. Deep beneath this, a disturbing blend of musk and leather emanates, revealing an eerie parallel to the raw, predatory energy of Camazotz and the untamed bat. Murcielago unearths an uncanny narrative that chillingly links the mysterious world of bats with the grim mythology of Camazotz, casting an olfactory spell of fear and fascination.

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