Murcielago Parfum (Camazotz)
Murcielago Parfum (Camazotz)
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Murcielago Parfum (Camazotz)

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The ghostly echo of leather wings beating in the night, the primal whisper of a forgotten world, and the ancient notes of an eerie deity... all these converge in the Camazotz "Murcielago" (Bat) Fragrance. Inspired by the mythical, Mayan bat god, Camazotz and the complexity of a bat’s nocturnal existence, this fragrance encapsulates the alluring hint of what lurks in the obscure.

Top notes of ripe, rich Banana and Soft Fruits captivate your senses first – a haunting echo of the favorite nocturnal feast of these mysterious creatures. In tandem with these lurk hints of tropical rain and damp earth, curdling through the air like the ethereal fog in a bat cave's pristine darkness.

As you delve deeper, the heart notes reveal a blend of Fig and Tropical Fruits, adding a primal sweetness to the aroma, sharply contrasted with the Mineral Notes that evoke the scent of sinister and craggy cave walls. Ensconced within these shrouded walls is a fraught sense of mystery, charm, and divine intervention from Camazotz, enfolding you in a mystic embrace.

The final notes - Vetiver and Animalic Notes - are carefully entwined with the rich aroma of Myrrh, evoking an image of the bat, wings outstretched, swooping down from the darkness of the caves with an eerie silence.

Our Murcielago fragrance challenges the conventions of typical fragrances, echoing the primal mating call of the ancient god Camazotz and the eerie flutter of a bat's wings through the midnight air. Just as bats ripple through the night silent as whispers yet enveloped in a surrounding aura of untamed wildness, this fragrance cordially invites you – if you dare – to explore the captivating mysteries of the shadowed night.

Formula: Parfum

Size: 2oz-59ml 
Scent: Murcielago 
Soil. Minerals. Banana. Tropical Fruits. Resin. Leather.
Fig Fruit. Green Notes. 


Ingredients: Fragrance and Essential Oils. Perfumers Alcohol.

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