4 Items Black Friday Black Box
4 Items Black Friday Black Box
Grim Grease Pomade

4 Items Black Friday Black Box

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Black Friday Black Box!

*International Orders Send me a Email Or Pm Through Facebook Please*

Mix and Match Any of the Following Options! 

Pomade. Soap Bar. Cologne Fragrance.


1.Pick an Item from "Item Option"

2.If you pick "Soap" pick a scent under the "Soap scent option" and leave cologne as "None".

3.If you pick "Cologne" pick a scent under the "Cologne scent option" and leave Soap as "None".

3. Repeat Steps 1-3 for Item 2-4 Option.

4. If you want a Pomade its under its hold and it comes in its Original Scent


(Click on any scent to see the notes)

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